Catch by Supplies!

An emergency situation will, indeed, catch anyone by surprise. Most people will not have all the supplies needed, as this is financially unfeasible and the space needed would be immense and expensive. I have noticed most preppers I have talked to are either paycheck to paycheck, or a little better off. I have never talked to a rich prepper, but I have also never talked to a rich person, so my theory may be flawed.

Anyhow, the point is simply this. You must know where supplies are. Yes, I am talking about looting. I am not, necessarily, suggesting committing a crime. What I am suggesting is situational awareness to your locale, and even traveled routes. I am suggesting this due to a long term emergency situation. Is there a local pharmacy warehouse that isn’t as public as the local Rite-Aid? Perhaps a deep freeze building that may store ice if you need insulin? Maybe solar farms or hidden solar panels that can be acquired if needed in the long term.

I simply suggest knowing where to get some of the stuff you need but do not have. No, I don’t condone looting, especially in the initial period of an emergency. This is a very dangerous time, but also a time when law has not completely broken down, and the preppers need to keep doing what preppers do. What I am suggesting is keeping that knowledge close to heart. If it becomes a long term situation, these places may be the safest bet to find what you need.

So, keep looking forward, preparing for the worst, hoping for the best, and taking no chance on society breaking down. So long as you can count on yourself, your “group” and your preps, you are further ahead than most in our society, and can hopefully avoid the initial stampede of the unprepared, and we can be left to rebuild.

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