Easy way to build food preps with local sales.

I have a local grocery store that runs these truckload sales every couple of months. Saving money either way, like my favorite is a 10#slab of sliced bacon for $35, as bacon is both delicious and totally unhealthy. But there is a flip side as well, whether for kids or adults. Chicken Breast, 40# for $20, chicken tenders, french fries and onion rings. Basically, there is a lot of food for a decent price, and is frozen.

Frozen food sounds like a strange way to build food preps, but if you continue your normal shopping habits, but you have this extra food bought from these food truck-type sales, you are building stock of non-perishable. Maybe, since you have all this meat, you are buying more canned goods instead. Maybe you decide to thaw and can the meat. I have yet to can meat, although one day I will start that, probably this winter.

Another thing that was on sale were 20# of ground meat. They were not the most leanest meat, no 93/7, but it was still a good price for what I was getting. Canning meat is something I suggest becomes a skill that you learn, as I must learn. I have canned veggies fresh from the garden, as well as blanched and froze them. Unfortunately, this year, a rash of rabbit attacks have decimated my green beans and pea productions to nearly net-zero.

I just suggest looking, especially at locally owned and ran markets, to see if you can find sales where you are getting food in bulk on the cheap. Amending your meals with this opens a little more revenue for the duration of the food to go towards preps, yielding a higher volume of preps. Just something I have been thinking about as I have Chicken tenders and onion rings cooking in the oven, and keeping more non-perishables in the cabinet because of making that purchase a couple months ago.

Personally, over the course of this year, in my freezer, I am still sitting on 25# of french fries, 22.5# of onion rings, ~11# of ground beef, 10# of chicken wings, 8# of chicken tenders, 3# of bacon and 5# of chicken breast. That is like 74.5# of food that was cheap, purchased over the last few months, and is available. This, along with simple homesteading, like having chickens for eggs, and food stores like mentioned previously, is a nice place to start. This is not including things in the pantry or regular use items in cabinets and fridge. These are just bulk items that taste good when cooked, and open up some opportunities to get just a little ahead in your preps. Good luck and press on.

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