Food Shortage… EPA reauthorized the use of cyanide bombs to kill wildlife???

I read an article talking about the EPA reauthorizing the use of cyanide bombs to kill off wildlife today. There is talks about food shortages across the country. These 2 topics may seem unrelated, until you think bigger picture.

What happens if, especially during a food shortage, there are issues that compound the situation, or it ends up becoming a long term food shortage… at the same time they are intentionally killing off wildlife? Control the food sources so that people become manageable because they are dependent on a government for food?

There is a famous quote “If people fear their government, you have tyranny. If the government fears it’s people, you have democracy.” Right now there is a huge rift between the people and our governing body. It does not matter if you are liberal or conservative, there is a big gap between what is going on and what your views are. I am far more of a conservative mentality myself, but the same can be said for liberals. No one is happy with out government.

The problem is that neither side is willing to give up ground to meet in the middle. Liberals want more government intervention, giving the governing body more power, and the people less. Conservatives want less government intervention, with more power to the people. You know, Bill of Rights and such. The country is divided. Half the country seems to want tyranny, while the other half wants democracy. Kind of a weird place we find our self.

Anyway, back to the point at hand, with trade issues with China, financial markets and values changing, the threats of outside forces and our own civil unrest, it seems like there is a lot of risk in what lies ahead. If food becomes an issue, there will be further breakdown. It is human nature, heck, it is animalistic nature. We are, and the end of the day, animals. Who wants to see their family starve? Who would do anything to ensure their family is fed?

Can you imagine if you had to hunt just to be able to eat? What about when the animals you have are full of cyanide and start killing your family? We can all see there is some bad times coming, although we are not sure how bad it will be. Be safe, be aware, be prepared.

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