Laundry Soap and storage

So, a while ago I made a mention of laundry soap, making your own, and storing. I found this recipe online, made it, and have been using it for a couple of months now. My wife and I love it. First off, the recipe:

1 Box Borax, 3 bars Fels Nepia, 2 boxes of oxiclean (dollar store band,) 1 box washing soda, 2 cups baking soda and 2 bottles fabric softener crystals. In total, this cost me about $28, and that is because we went with a name brand fabric softener crystal because my wife preferred the scent.

So, with this, you can grate, or as I did, put the Fels Nepia bars in the blender for like 10 seconds a bar. Other than that, throw everything in a trash bag, roll it, and properly mix. This took, at most, 10 minutes from start to finish. The “hardest part” was opening all the containers. This laundry soap works well, smells great, and last forever. Right now, we are storing it in a glass jar from walmart in our moist basement. it gets a little hard on top, but we use it often enough that it does not turn to a rock.

This is the video I used. She is very thorough on her method, and it works, and is cheap. We were going through bottles and bottles of liquid detergent/year, and we have hardly made a dent in our supply of this laundry soap. Could you imagine if everything shut off right now, and you have a supply of powder soap for cleaning? Yeah, in a bucket of something is all you would have, but a year supply of powdered soap would be nice. Clothes that smell good, especially for those not hitting the road long term? Just my $.02.

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