Prepping, Small lot of land and unruly neighbors.

So, as stated before, I have a small .11 acre parcel of land. I am also a prepper. With that, I like a little privacy. I like using the little bit of land I have. This is where our recent woes have come into play. We had neighbors move in back in December. These people are completely inconsiderate, and think they can claim everything as their own. Their kids pulling my pepper plants right next to my house, the dad riding his dirtbike through my yard, their friends parking cars in my front yard and parking between the houses.

I am more than willing to exact neighborly justice, so long as I am right. Now, to ensure that I am right, I am spending hundreds of dollars on a property survey. Now, to be fair, I tried talking to these people, but these are the people who just do not care. When you have your tires on my tomato plant branches, I get a little pissed off.

So, the wife and I were talking about getting some pet goats, dairy goats, for prepping purposes. Just a few little fellas. We were also talking about putting up a little garage/mini barn for said goats. I used an app called OnX for gps property boundaries, and it shows that their addition goes to the property line. Granted, this is not legal standing for property lines, hence why I called a land surveyor. Once surveyed, this is the legal boundaries of a property. There is no dispute with the neighbors, it is fact.

On a side not, you cannot get a car towed unless it is all the way on your property. Anyhow, my vindictive side wants to wait until there is a car parked on my property, then choose that day to put up whatever I am putting up, making that vehicle stuck in its location. This would probably cause me issues. I should also note that these people are most likely a drug house, and I have doubles my CCTV since they moved in, with the random visitors all hours of the night, and people from outside of this area.

In reality, though, I want my little piece of land to be just usable. I mean, what if I was to plant a plot of spinach or wheat on my land. .11 acre is not a lot, and I could be counting on that. Just make sure you can justify any action you take, and that you can cover your rear. Make sure the law is on your side. Trust me, after the last 8 months with these neighbors, I have been on the edge. I mean, when storing preps, I have been building extra concealment for it because the last thing I need is these people knowing what I have going on.

This was a little bit of a rant, but I still feel it needed stated. I mean, what if it could help 1 person in a similar situation?

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