Water Filtration: Level 1

So, again, affordable preps for dark times here. Basic water filtration. We have talked about storing water via rain barrels and such. I am sure most have heard of life straws and sawyer minis. This is a simpler design, volumetric, DIY and easy to store.

2 Candle filters, 2 5 gallon buckets and a drink spigot. I will post pics in a couple of days along with some reviews for time and taste. I am no scientist, so there will be not super fancy tests here.

Anyhow, filter amounts don’t matters to much, as this is gravity fed and takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to filter. People essentially have said put 5 gallons in at night, and the next morning it will be filtered. For a family of four, 5 gallon should be enough drinking water. I am curious to see first hand how this works.

I have read a lot of articles, and am just now building this. I, again, would rather have it and not need it instead of the vice versa.

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