Today’s Preps worth mentioning.

Water Barrels

So, my wife has become a kind of prepper as well. She has looked into to some of the things that makes us preppers. She accepted it at first, then has become quite involved, especially after reading One Second After by William R. Forstchen. Obviously a recommended book from me.

Anyhow, we are old for our age. Every Wednesday we get a little paper full of ads, classified ads and the weekly riddle. The riddles are rather simple, but we get amusement out of them, and the hunt for the answer is a pain at times due to the answer being anywhere in the paper.

With that being said, my wife saw an ad in the paper. This is what the ad said. “(12) 55 GALLON plastic drums, used 1 time, food grade, heavy duty, $10 each. (XXX) XXX-XXXX.”

Well, I called the number and left a message. The man called back and we talked. Turns out that these drums are used for food safe things used by this company. They use them once, and the drive is expensive, and selling them is cheaper than taking them back. Thank you for that.

So, there are 5 left, and 3 more coming down. I am buying all 8. This gives me 10 in total. 10 55 gallon rain barrels for emergency water. That is 550 gallons of water storage. This is great is the spring, summer and fall, but winter there is a risk of splitting the rain barrels. We are looking at putting a water storage container in the basement, a cistern, probably equivalent of the 550 gallons. The benefit is, say a family of 4, with a gallon a day, is 137.5 days. Yes, this is a ball park estimate, but it will probably rain over time.

This was a nice and lucky find, and being food grade and food safe makes this a lot better of a score. I’ll add more when I get the chance to do more.

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