Very Simple Hand Soap

Full ingredient list for foaming hand soap.

Simple ingredients, Simple soap, Easy process.

Castile soap, water, some olive oil and essential oils for your foaming hand soap needs. Granted, this assumes you use foaming hand soap. Here is the basic set up. 12 oz water, 2 tablespoons castile soap, 1/2 tablespoon olive oil and essential oils to your desired aroma.

This was my first time making hand soap. I went the easy route and bought castile soap. Next time I will make my own. The benefit of this simple recipe is that you have the pump already, and the castile soap and oils last a long time, and can make a lot of soap. Now, for a simple house soap, this would be nice. For an emergency soap, omit the essential oils. This way the scent wouldn’t attract attention.

There is a recipe I am going to for shower gel using similar ingredients. I will post that recipe when I try it out.

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