CW on the cheap?

Lightweight Black Micro Morse Code Key. Picture of item on site.

So, over the years I have been discussing among friends and family about radio, security and language. I have wanted to learn CW (continuous wave), or, more commonly, morse code for a long time. As an early ham operator, and friend from another state sent me a straight key. This was very generous, but as similar to phone on ham radio, I do not want to go on the air trying to do CW for the first time. I will not understand what others are saying, and I will not know how to properly send it either. I have studied a bit to at least understanding the spacing between letters and between words. What can we use to hear ourselves while sending???

Black Morse Code Oscillator Straight Keys. Picture of item on site.

This device connects to the morse key via an auxiliary cable. This is the same cable that connects to a ham radio to send CW on the air. I ordered these a couple days ago, and am looking forward to receiving them. I bought these and an aux cable, with shipping, for $58.89. I ordered the one without the aluminum base because I want to make a wooden base, and it kept the cost down. That being said, is isn’t that expensive even with the aluminum base.

I will, after some time with this, post a personal review of the keyer and oscillator. These have a very small footprint, goes the furthest with less power, and can easily be added to my radio go box for an emergency. I will have to post an in-depth article on the go box, but I feel that, assuming this is a decent keyer, will be a great addition. I feel that this may not be the best choice for a beginner, because of its small size, but I truly have no idea, and am looking forward to trying this out and letting you guys know what my thoughts are.

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