Making decisions on preps.

So, as preppers, we all live to ensure our families survival should something happen. We hope it does not come down to that, but at the same time we cannot help but notice that things are falling apart. It is little by little, piece by piece. Community does not seem to exist anymore, with everyone looking for themselves and and still trying to take more. We, as mankind, seems to have lost ourselves in this age of technology where everything is easy.

With everything being so easy, why does it seem that working hard for anything isn’t worth the time and cost? The entitled feeling these people have makes them blind to the realities out in the open. So how does this relate to making choices in preps? We all have the basic ideas, the rules of 3. We, the preppers, know where to stand and what to get when we can afford it. When we take advantages of sales and such, and avoid wasteful spending.

Something little that I do to eliminate excess spending is prepare meals for the week. Instead of having to cook every night, which leads to not wanting to, which leads to spending money, I do not have to. I save money this way, and can redirect funds to preps. I could not imagine something small, like a blizzard, cutting off power and making transport impossible for say a week. I could not imagine not being able to feed my family, keep them warm or even keep them safe. These are the little things I think we all need.

This is, indeed, another rant or rambling. A small change in lifestyle makes a bigger change down the road. So, we have, as I mentioned before, take advantage of sales at a local grocery store. I then package it in smaller amounts, and freeze. Once a week, I take, say, chicken breast out and defrost it. Then I slow cook it and put it on trays in the fridge. Save money buying the food, and using the food. Just something to think about.

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