Newest preps to the collection.

Prepping is not a collection of stuff thrown in a drawer or in a closet. It is a collection of tools used alongside skills to increase the likelihood of survival in an emergency situation. I was in a dilemma on which way to proceed, and went to a forum I am a member of to ask which had priority. My options were, for this month, to either get a 2 cycle motor kit for a bicycle OR a pack, water bladder and a wool blanket. The wool blanket was added in place of a portable battery pack due to already having a battery pack to use.

The bicycle motor kit would have it’s place in my preps, and I will get one eventually. But the reality is, it is almost winter, and a motorized bicycle would not be as effective on icy roads and deep snow. I opted, therefore, for the bag. This bag will be in my car. I have heard of a really decent bag that is affordable. Roaring fire. This is not your $200 bag. I cannot afford a fancy $200 dollar bag. What I can afford is a $36.99 bag with 4.5 star reviews and preppers seem to love the durability.

I want to put this bag together for a couple of reasons. Get home bag should something happen while I am at work. Another reason is that, if something happens really bad, and I have to bug out, our bug out location is only a day’s walk away, so this set-up becomes dual purpose. I am not sure what all will go in this bag, yet. I know the water bladder will be part, along with the wool blanket. I will have a set of clothes, wool socks, food, an old pair of glasses (script has not changed), a pair of hearing aids (my back up pair) and other random stuff. I will post additional information once I get this stuff here, and put it all together.

Just like with everything, I am nervous about cutting the hose on a new water bladder to put the sawyer mini in line. I do not think I will do this unless a time of need arises where I have to. My hatchet and BK2 will also be in this pack. I am interested to see how this all comes together and will post when it comes time.

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