Kit radio update, and importance of reading directions…

Alrighty, so this is just a quick little update on the QRP guys Ununtenna plus and the QRPLabs QCX kit. The Ununtenna plus went very well together, and even the toroids were not bad at all, and a lot of extra enameled wire. Threw on some wire and have the full antenna set-up in a little ammo can waiting for the radio counterpart… and that is where the problem lies currently.

So, now it is time to discuss why one should read the instructions thoroughly. The very first part of soldering on the radio kit is the 28 pin IC2 socket. One side has a little divot. There is a wee little divot on the pcb. these 2 need to go together, as in, do not be like me and put the IC socket backwards. I then spent the next hour trying to remove this socket, with not a lot of luck… I may have to purchase another kit because of this mistake. The up side? Perhaps when it comes time for the 40 meter specific stuff, maybe I can make attachments to change the band. That would be neat. I will let you guys know when the project is completed.

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