A tip on kits

As mentioned before, I had a slight mishap on my QRPlabs QCX kit. The very first piece to solder on the board, I made a whoopsie. Well, I went to town, out to harbor freight, and did a little shopping spree. One item I picked up was a 24 compartment clear storage case. I think it was $3.99. Great. I sorted all the capacitors and resistors, labeled them by measurement, part number, color code/printed number, and location for the kit. I had to double up the places in the case, but I did 1 type of capacitor and 1 type of resistor. This seemed to work well, and tidied up the kits.

I ordered a second kit because of how I messed up the first one. It may be salvageable, but I will keep it as a back up, along with all the parts from the new kit. The new kit is 20m. It’ll be here in about a week or so, right in time for my weekends off. I also ordered a battery pack for it, so we will see how that goes. This will all be a nice finally assuming I don’t screw up again. I will take much more care the next time I start this. I am curious if I could match this all up in an ammo can in the car, but the 3D printed parts worry me. Unless I put it (the ammo can) in a cooler with water bottles, which should keep it cool enough. We shall see.

Anyway, until further progress is made, this will be my last post on the radio kit.

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