Everyone wants the best, I want the best for me. My GHB/BOB/whatever bag.

So, I have been building a bag for in my car. My car is always with me, so therefore so is my bag. Whether I am at work, at the store, visiting or whatever, my car is there. I decided I needed a little more prep in my step.

I started with a bag. I have been looking around for a bag, and I know everyone is like “ohh…. it is not a good bag unless you spend this much money… blah blah blah…” I know, I know, and a car is no good unless you have a lambo. I get the mind set. Whatever. I got the Roaring Fire 45L bag, and I absolutely love it. I got the coyote color because, well, that seemed less look at me that the black one. So, I got a bag, then a water bladder with a proper cleaning kit. Bag, water… next is food. I got 2 mountain house packets and one of those cheap 3400 and whatever calorie apple cinnamon bar block things. That should be enough for what I need. I mean, from mostly anywhere I go, home or the B.O.L. is within a day walk.

Ok, so bag, water and food. Shelter. So, I have a couple moving blankets tucked away in my car(I live in the north east, and winters can get a little cold.) I have a tarp and wool blanket in my bag. That is nice, but what about warmth when that isn’t enough? Well, fire starter. a few lighters, different types, and the old cotton balls with vaseline in a baggie combo. Ok. Seems like we are getting somewhere. But what about processing wood for a fire?

Tools and weapons. I have my BK2 and a mora in the bag, along with a hatchet and a folding saw. I also, in my car, have a lightweight prybar. I suppose this is for if something gets really bad really fast. I also keep pens and paper notepads in the pack. Gloves, rags and some other things.

So, in my car, next to my bag are my boots. Some nice redwings from a previous employer made waterproof, cleaned up with some polish, and a nice pair of wool socks. I am still working on getting my permissions to keep my fire arm locked up in my car as well. I also threw a med kit in my bag. Nothing major like my home med kit, but enough for insurance.

Now, this being said, The most expensive part of the bag was the BK2. A lot of the other things are not high end, fancy smancy stuff. No, heck, a lot of this is from Harbor Freight. The hatchet, the folding saw, prybar, medkit. Quite a bit, actually. I also have a cheapo pair of frog toggs in the bag, and an emergency blanket. This is not a full list of what I have, as I am sure I missed some things, like the cordage and a mess kit. I do need water purification tablets. What I have at home is way to big and messy to haul in a bag. Another quick mention is the sawyer mini. I feel that, at least for a starter bag, I have a decent amount for what I need. I know that I am sitting quite nice when compared to my surroundings.

I do not expect zombies or bird flu infected… nevermind, that belongs to someone else… What I do expect is something or anything that disrupts normal operations on a daily basis. This can be a blizzard/car accident when you need to get home or a rabid jackalobe puncturing your tire and chasing you around. I fear where our country is heading, and would rather be prepared to avoid problems then add to them. We are a team, each family responsible for their own, and I want my family to be able to fulfill our obligation. To many people are far to comfortable in today’s lifestyle, and there are far to many part moving right now to keep running smoothly.

I don’t want to go to much into personal political beliefs, but the one thing I know is that people must do right to themselves, and make justification through their moral compass. Religion has no bearing on the kind of person you are, and political affiliation doesn’t do much either. Only you can justify what is and isn’t the right thing to yourself, and if needed, be able to justify what must be done. I am conservative by nature. I am not an extreme lefty or righty, but in today’s society, it seems to be a cold hand reaching out and taking morals out of lifestyle. I wish everyone with a good heart and a good soul be prepared, because in the end, if nothing bad happens, you have some food and stuff set aside. If something does happen, it will not be as bad for you as it will be for others.

Please be mindful of your surroundings and the local and national climate. Take advice from other preppers with more information and knowledge. I will be following Praxis Preppers advice, and colonizing my own yeast for baking. This is cheaper and will last. Check him out on youtube. He is very intelligent and has a lot to offer to us newer preppers.

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