Liberals helping the prepping community? Let me explain.

So, as a lot of us preppers, we are not super rich and running the gambit on multi-million dollar corporations. Most of us are prior service members making a life for our families, and protecting that life we made. Liberals want to take that life away, not realizing what it is they want to create.

With the demand to disarm the US citizen, and fears of mass shootings, they are making big companies make dumb decisions to make part of the community happy. One of these has helped us out, if you act quick. So Walmart is running very deep discounts on ammo for hand guns and “assault rifles.” Seems odd, doesn’t it? Well, the reason being is that as of December 29th, 2019, any of these ammo types not sold will be donated to the state police. The company looks like it is doing a lot for the anti-gun fascists (I know, not appropriate, but still feels an awful lot similar,)it is recouping as much money as it can from before donating what is left. Here was my purchase today.

1000 Rds 9mm-$91.10 after tax.

200 Rds 40 cal-$31.80 after tax.

The price is not bad at all, and allows us new to prepping or those that will take advantage of this deal to ammo up a little. I couldn’t afford to buy 1000 rds of 9mm on a whim normally, but at the price, I had to. My wife was down to like 20 rds. I have around 500 rds of 40, so I added some. She will be ahead of me quite a bit. I also had someone pick me up 2-200 rd boxes of 9mm before I got there, just in case it was gone. So, in total, she will be all set with 1400+ rounds of 9mm. Not a bad start for my prepping goals for her when it comes to her side arm. I’m actually a little jealous now that I am typing this. Each 200 rd box of 9mm, on the shelf is at $17 locally, where a 200 rd box of 40 cal is $25 on the shelf, again, locally.

I just thought this was important enough to put out there, as I will on I put it here first because, well, this is my site, and my insights come here first.

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