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So, I have decided on yet another radio project. This one is small, and yet a lot of possibilities come from it upon completion. Portable FT8 with the Raspberry Pi 3. Again, I will post pictures when it is complete. Basically here is the breakdown:

*Raspberry Pi 3- I am trying the 3.5″ screen, but I don’t think I can adjust it, so I may use the 7″.

*SD card with Rasbian and WSJT-X

*12V battery pack with power splitter

*Mouse and Keyboard

*GPS dongle

*BNC extension to bulkhead connector

*USB extensions (I got a 4 pack, but should only need 2.)

*QRPGuys 40/30/20M DSB Digital Transceiver kit

*Some container to put it in. I am using a Harbor Freight Apache box.

*I am sure there are other things I am forgetting at this point in the project. Like the antenna I just remembered. I am using the QRPguys UnUnTenna Plus. Also some Coax, BNC type.

The personalized plan for this is to see if I can use this thing to locate signals via grid squares which are transmitted in the FT8 sequence to be able to direct an antenna for a more powerful SSB transmission. Basically using low power for finding a signal that you can communicate with at a later time. If this works, I am hoping something like this can be more common place for EMCOMMS. I will post more when the project is completed. I have some parts still coming in, and I am not sure which case I will be using as of yet due to sizes. I know I will be drilling 2 holes. One for the bulkhead BNC connection, and one for a solar charge controller I will add at a later time assuming this whole set-up works as intended.

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