Inventories: Boring but important.

So, I have been prepping for a few years now, starting with the basics, camping. We got all our camping gear, and had a nice start. We also like camping, though, so it was a natural plug into the start of prepping. Then we starting getting some preps built up. This was a little at a time, and built up over time.

Now, we have a decent amount, no means a bullet proof TEOTWAWKI survival package, but more like a heavy blizzard hits and roads are out for a month, we would be alright, although the kids may not like all the food. Sadly, they must not be hungry enough then. As I have been getting my preps in order recently, over the last month with the holidays and all, I began doing inventories. Doing my inventories, I realized I have acquired more over the last few years than I realized. Could be a worse problem, I suppose, but the inventories have helped, none the less.

When building my inventories, I have also marked expiration dates so we make sure things are rotated out. There is nothing like having a prepper pantry and realizing, in an emergency, that you let your stockpile spoil. I have not completed all my inventories yet, but a nice head start on getting them done.

We have also started a pantry in the basement. I had $40 burning a hole in my pocket. I was going to get a new pair of sneakers, but realized my sneakers are still usable, and decided to prep instead. I bought canned vegetables, about 60 cans, and 10 cans of diced hams. They are on new shelves we were given for Christmas. Well, one shelf. The rest is to clear up the clutter in the basement.

Just keep in mind, prepping is really nice, and a nice bit of personal responsibility for you to take care of your family. Keep it inventoried, and know what you have. It will definitely help if you need to leave your location. If you must Bug Out. Also, if you can, keep your preps in totes you are easily able to manage the weight of. This will make loading and unloading much easier if you have to go. What good are preps if you cannot use them when you need them?

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