Adding more food into preps.

As everyone knows, there are certain things in prepping that are must haves. We are all aware of guns and ammo, water procurement and food. Storing canned foods for small scale is good. Non-perishables for some longer term storage, and freeze-dried/dehydrated for long term.

I am sure there are a lot of preppers out there who, like me, do not have a never ending supply of cash. A lot of us are darn near living paycheck to paycheck, if not worse off. Would it be great to have a year supply of freeze-dried foods per person like mountain house stored? Absolutely. I know I cannot, though. We prep when and how we can.

My next set of food preps will be a single purchase from Home Storage Centers from the LDS. These are dehydrated canned goods with an expected shelf life of 30 years for the most part. My first purchase is going to be fairly small, as it is a purchase with some left over cash. I am thinking probably 4 boxes. What is nice is that, no matter the size of the order, delivery with in the US is $3. That being said, online prices are definitely higher that going to their center. My problem is the closest center is 8 hours away. I am willing to accept the cost as it is still far cheaper than driving 8 hours each way on gas alone.

Each box has 6 #10 cans. Red wheat berries, White wheat berries, sugar, macaroni, dry milk and the list goes on. There are cheaper items and more expensive items. I am spending a little over $100 on the purchase. It is a separate resource, and some things will need refined, but that gives it the longer shelf life. Perhaps down the road, I will take a drive out to the center and make a bulk purchase, but for now, little preps every month go a long way into what situations may come. As always, make sure you plan ahead, plan for your AO, and take care.

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