Knowing people and finding deals

A friend of mine told me the other day that a certain walmart was selling mountain house food in their clearance section. I found this odd, and walmart never sells these at any kind of discount that I have seen. He said they were priced at $7 per bag. It is not a fire sale, but still worth a look.

Well, we had to go through this town for a doctors appointment so we stopped on the way back though. It took a little time to find, but we found what was left. 5 pouches. 4 lasagna and 1 chicken teriyaki. $35 was an easy score.

It may not be the food to survive on the rest of our lives, but it is a few easy meals and variety for the palette. I would say it is worth checking out the camping section on your next trip to walmart. Someone told me they saw a new packaging on the Mountain House website, which would make sense to get rid of older stock.

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