New vehicle and BOV in 1.

So, I am getting a new vehicle as previously mentioned. It is getting close to time for purchase. I have an estimated 2 weeks until I can really delve into the search. I am looking into a Jeep Cherokee from the ’90s.

Parts are easily accessible, they are easy to work on for me, and they, like the wrangler cousin, can go places. Our BOL is not far, but the road gets rough. I wanted a manual, but they are rare and kind of expensive. I wanted a manual so you can pop start it. My wife cannot drive it and i do not want to burn up an extra clutch. We decided on an automatic, but with a catch.

The catch is easy to do, and very useful. The catch is solar panels on the roof, charge controller and 2 batteries in the back, and jumper cables. The point of this is first, power, and second, to be able to jump the car if the battery dies. This is my work around for not being able to pop start the jeep.

On top of this, to keep it low profile, I am thinking I will mount a light bar and add a logo to make it look like some kind of official vehicle. The light bar will cover the front of the solar panels, and a roof rack should make it stand out far less. I will certainly have to do some research after I get the jeep to make sure it fits nicely and discreetly.

Yes, there will be radio involved. I am thinking both hf and vhf/uhf. I have not decided as of yet because, although I have the radios, I do not have the jeep in front of me to figure everything out. One bit of convenience is I plan on redoing the ceiling panel as they tend to sag. It will also have a front bumper for deer protection and a winch. Their will be an air compressor on it as well.

These are things for down the road, probably throughout the summer. First step, find the right Jeep at the right price. I have a heavy eye on one that will definitely still be available. Even my wife approves of it. The other I was looking at appears to have been sold. I will be adding a lift kit, but nothing to big. Not like the wrangler I had with 6″ suspension and 3″ body. Maybe a good 3 inches of lift and slightly larger tires. This would help get under it for maintenance.

Anyhow, this is all I have today. Be safe and be prepared.

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