Interesting updates on Covid 19.

First off, I am not an expert by any means. This is short and sweet. There is still this number of a 2% fatality, even though the number of cases/number of deaths are up to 3.3%. There is also concern about having sub-par insurance and trying to do the right thing. There is a story of a guy who got back from China, started getting flu like symptoms, and went to go get tested to protect his family and neighbors. He ended up with a bill for almost $3500. There is also the strange silence that has become of the media outlets ever since the first human to human contact showed up within the US borders. There is news from abroad, but homeland news has been very limited.

Also, the talks of that we cannot talk about confirmed cases because that would infringe on HIPPA sounds an awful lot like attempting to acknowledge without saying to much. If there were no cases, these state would just say no. By acknowledging that they cannot say due to HIPPA, it is stating there are cases. I find it odd that, after getting upset about the numbers coming out of China at the beginning of the epidemic, that the U.S. is doing the same. They cannot allow panic to hit until it is unable to be controlled. You can see the problems arising already as the DOW has been dropping. In the last 3 days, the DOW has dropped about 1500 points, 1000 just yesterday. It has been dropping more day by day. I want to see where this goes over the next few days. If it were to continue in this current path, It would not take terribly long for fear to hit among the masses. That being said, it alone is not a great indicator at the moment. A few more days of drops like that would be a risk to the public welfare.

I only want to say that there are currently a lot of questions and very curious to see what else would develop. Stay safe and keep alert.

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