Paying attention when things are quiet.

Short and sweet again. There are a lot going on globally that is remaining very quiet. It is enough for me to start buffering my preps a little. The stock market has been dropping now for the last week in big drops each day. 500, 1000, 800, 1200 etc. The stock market is an indicator for the economy in its most basic term. There are knee-jerk reactions and such that are visible as well. Japan has closed all their schools nationwide. We have all heard the CDC stating Americans should start preparing. It has also been made clear that it is a question of when,not if, the Corona virus hits the US. With the very small amount of coverage, and the major things occurring being left so discreet, I would make sure I was prepared for some time at home. If it was just the Covid-19, that would be one thing, but everything else gets the hairs on my neck to stand on end. It seems far too odd, and far too hidden for us in the US. Usually, this stock market issue would be major headlines, and yet this is being left in the dark. Please watch, pay attention and be prepared. Stay safe.

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