Loosen or Tighten Restrictions?

Coming into play currently is the decision to loosen restrictions or tighten those restrictions. I can say that, where I am, you are not being pulled over and questioned about your motives for going somewhere. There are gas stations not forcing people to wear masks, which disgusts me after the man in Flint was murdered at a family dollar for that very same offense. People still downplay that CoVID-19 is an over-reaction to those that claim it does not exist.

Do you remember, just a few months ago, peoples argument against the global lockdowns were that 200K people die every year from the common flu, why is that not being acknowledged? Here we are, 5 months into this virus, and currently at the time of writing this, 257,906 fatalities globally. In the US, 72,417.(Information from the Coronavirus Tracker.) Masks are the norm, when just a few months ago, you would have been very suspect. Limiting business and “social distancing” measures have failed to control the spread. I mean, it probably would have been worse had we not, but it has far from erased the virus.

Now, to be fair in my quick little analysis here, I am very, very lucky to still be working. I understand where people are getting agitated by not working and wondering how bills are going to be paid. Wives have husbands doing a bunch of housework projects (mine is because she is bored) and people are losing a lot. My fear is that, when we prematurely open up, the numbers are going to shoot right up, and probably worse than before. It becomes a question on if the juice is worth the squeeze.

I feel that the economic times are kind of bad right now, especially for those not working, but they are going to get worse by opening up. I feel like more patience is required for all parties involved. Now is also a time where people need to be wise with what they are doing. If you have not started prepping, I believe you should now. Food shortages are coming, maybe not volume, per se, but variety. What is worse is that farmers are letting food rot because it costs more to send out than it does to lose full crops. Restaurants, when back in business, will be in a limited capacity due to the lack of foods. Meats will become hard to come by for a while as well, and that is assuming everything goes according to plan.

I hope everyone reading this takes heed not of my thoughts and plans, but your own thoughts as this thing continues to evolve, along with our way of life. My next post will be tomorrow, and will be documenting what we are currently doing here at our “micro” homestead to get prepared a little more for what can be coming. We are changing our way of life to one that agrees with us a little more, and makes us happy. Along with that, allows us to produce things ourselves that we have not to this point.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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