Goat building

So, we are currently on the waiting list for out 2 nigerian dwarf goat does. 8 weeks after birth, which should be in a week or so, so around 9 weeks away minimum. This gives us time to build what we need. This is where we are at currently.

We have been fencing, which is a simple 2X4 welded wire fence and t-post. We are also utilizing electric fence, although this is more to keep things out than keep them in. Solar, of coarse. I am building a barn like shed, split down the middle. Half is for hay, the other half is our milking area. I poured a cement slab as well for the milking area. I also built a hay feeder. Very simple design. 2X2’s and welded wire with a scrap wood lid.

The remaining build we have to do is the goat house. We have the location, which is actually nice due to it being on a slope going away from their home. This would keep water away, and it is protected from wind and the usual storm directions. The one thing I saw in a project I really liked was having the doors secure. This will help keep accountability of the goats, and keep them safe as well during the nights and inclement weather.

The other change is that we are going to be getting our new chickens in 9 days. 15 Barred Rocks. This is the current changes going on here when it comes to what we are calling the micro-homestead.

We have also been using some of our stores while things are weird. The canned meat has been amazing. The stored pasta has gone a long way. I even made homemade pizza from stores of flower, yeast, honey and salt. Let me tell you, that was delicious. I will put that recipe up another time. I bought some additional flower from the local store because they had bags of restaurant and bakery flour. I am assuming because they were all closed, it was a discounted price for the store. I was cool with that.

I am lucky enough to still be working. With that being the case, I am also the only one that leaves the house. I believe we are in this for a while, and I want to be as prepared as I can, for myself and my family. Keep you and yours safe.

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