Chix and Development

We just got our baby chickens. We got them from a local place, but they were still mailed. There was more room in this box than the last, and this chicks are definitely far more healthy than the last we bought 5 years ago. We got 15 Barred Rock pullets. They are all very energetic and lively. We believe they will all survive the baby chick phase. For those who have not had chicks yet, you need a heat lamp that sets the temperature in 1 section to about 105 degrees F. They also need to be able to get away from the heat. Chick feed, water, heat, space away from the heat. Good to go.

We are kind of late planting this year, but that being said, I planted a bit today. Planted carrots, parsley and radishes. Rice will be planted tomorrow, but that is more a pet project out of curiosity. I may have planted the potatoes a little too early, because we have not seen any greens yet, but we will see. Green beans and peas are started as well as tomatoes and peppers. We are always trying new plants. Last year, I attempted louffa, but I got the giant esmerelda, which takes far longer to grow. This made a beautiful fence cover, but not of the louffa grew enough to be dried and used as louffas.

Another issue I have been having is when it comes to radio and the raspberry pi. I was working on a few projects to get low power transmissions utilizing digital modes where one could, in an emergency, at the very least, find where a signal is coming from to be able to use power as a resource to communicate in a certain direction. On a somewhat different attempt, the radio telescope utilizing an old satellite dish and SDR with an LNA is still in the works. When it comes to prepping, this last project probably does not seem to important, but teaching the kids about science is important to me.

At the end of the day, prepping is not just about holding your breath waiting for the world to end, it is about living life, planning for the future, and insuring your way of life. Stay safe, and live your life.

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