The ability of thinking?!?

This is a short little conversation. I watch Youtube as I am going to bed. I got stuck on these videos about a topic that blows my mind. Flat-earthers. Well, more-so people debunking all the flat-earthers. I think the biggest problem with this flat earth movement is the lack of realistic intellect.

I teach my children to think critically, and will not let stupidity run rampant in my house. The problem is that I thought when this movement started it was a joke. I thought it was like the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. In fact, people actually are believing the world is flat again. A simple telescope can prove this fallacy, but the uneducated just run with the group mentality.

It is something amusing to watch, like watching a comedy of errors. The problem comes when you realize this is not a scripted show, but peoples actual beliefs. The point of this conversation is to merely suggest to use the thing between your ears. Do not be a follower to something that makes no sense. Use your head. That, and if you like comedy, watch some of these videos. It is hilarious. SciManDan is hilarious, although he comes across a little more rude, but I think it is a back and forth banter. It is just something that people need to make a decision on… using your brain.

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