2020: The year of hindsight

It has been a while. Things have been very busy here between life and everything going on this year. So, the small changes in life have been pretty awesome. We have our baby chicks about ready to go out into the coop. We got out Nigerian Dwarf goats, and they are doing very well. We had to pick some potatoes plants out of the garden because they were dying. The potatoes were delicious, though. Green beans are flowering and producing some baby beans. We are probably a month away from solid bean production. Peas are growing, but our first set of peas died, so these are a little late. Carrots, radishes, onions and parsley are growing alright.

Meat has been very interesting lately. It was hard to come by for a while, and now it is extremely expensive. I have seen ground beef upwards of $7.99/LB. This is ridiculous, but the basic economic supply and demand curves are proven to work. We have purchased some meats when available. After having had success with canning ground beef and ground sausage, we are now canning other meats. We canned a couple pork roasts and a few beef roasts. The pork is canned almost like it will become kind of shredded. I cooked the pork in a slow cooker, ended up being out all day, but was still able to can. The beef was cooked and cubed and canned. We ended up with 8 cans of beef and 11 cans of pork. Realistically, that is able to to feed for a month, skipping meat a few days. Along with some of the other preps we have been doing, it is always a step in the right direction. Canning preps are great for the lack of needing refrigerated.

So, going onto the year 2020. Man, where do we begin. Let us do a quick recap. Almost like another version of ‘We didn’t start the fire’ all in less than a year. Pandemic, job loss, economic distress, protests, civil unrest, cities on fire and so on and so on. So, I feel bad because the way the press is pushing a narrative, it almost seems like they are trying to breed racism in people where it wasn’t before. I do not mean that there is a reason for it, but the narrative being pushed appears to be where equality is not what people are looking for, but instead, supremacy. Again, I must push that this is not my belief, but certainly feels like that is what is being pushed.

I never met a single person who believed that cop was right. I also believe that the government officials are not helping people at all. When there are 12-0 city council votes to ban the police in Minneapolis, then city council spends the money via tax payer dollars, to hire private security. On top of that, their idea is surrounding areas can cover their police needs. Are you kidding me? To me, the police are being treated as black people have been. The actions of a few become the image of the many. The problem with this is that you would think the protesters would realize this instead of trying to abolish the police.

Another issue that is quite bothersome is that these protestors are claiming that they are fighting for equality, yet what is really being pushed is more segregation. I mean, we want a Black national anthem being played. We want Black live matter, equality, burn our own cities, protest, riots, looting and so on. The problem is that you want equality, but hear me out on how this comes off. BET, Black History month, all Black Fraternities, all Black colleges Black nation anthem. The problem is, racism is not a one way street. Anything that is segregated by skin color, right? I feel like all this pushing for Black only things kind of seem like it is pushing apart instead of pulling the people together.

Again, I am not stating anything other than the way it comes across via the media and the pushes. I can say that the current state of affairs is very embarrassing for our country. I will not kneel for anyone. I will treat a person based on their actions. I can certainly say that I can see that November will be the issue.

If Trump wins the election, cities will burn. If Biden wins, we will lose what so many of us have fought wars for, the rights of the American people. By the way, the American people are the people who are citizens of the U.S.A. I feel like the long term future of our country is at stake now in 2020. I feel like everything is playing it’s role, and for our country, this election will divide the country, no matter who wins out of Trump and Biden.

Anyway, so where I live, the state system has issued all families who have kids on free or reduced lunch to receive a welfare type card for food purchases. It is meant to forward the federal funds for free and reduced lunch back to the children. I understand this, and cannot argue with it. I would hate to see children in harms way if parents cannot afford to feed their kids. However, I hate seeing kids who are hungry while the parents are smoking 2 packs a day. I used to smoke, and it is expensive. The payments are quite substantial, a few hundred bucks per qualifying kid. The problem with this is that, like on welfare payment days, there are going to be a lot of shoppers going through on the day these payments come out. We are having supply chain issues. People mass buying through a fund availability could cause a crippling effect locally. Again, something I believe is that these payments are kind of pushing to help ensure food is available for what is coming.

I do not believe the zombie apocalypse is coming. I feel like there will be a second wave of Covid-19. I believe that it will be worse than the original push. I feel like what is currently happening is actually a delayed initial wave because Stay at Home orders did work. However, I do feel like when the second wave does hit, it will be a mess. I do feel like if Trump wins, civil unrest will go to extremes. I do not understand the peoples thought process on why you would burn your own city, but we see it whether your team wins or loses a superbowl. I do not understand. But I would strongly suggest that 2020 is not only a good look at where our country has been going. This is the culmination of such political divide for the last 10-15 years. Look how little time it takes to self-destruct our country. 2020 is a great view on our own hindsight. Be prepared.

Also, did anyone notice that stores have signs up for a shortage of change. They are requesting using exact change because they cannot give change back. I have seen this even in Walmart. This is very strange because it reminds me of the issues there were back before the Great Depression. I feel like we are about to have a huge economic crash. I do not understand how the stock market has been super inflated. When it crashes, it will certainly crash hard. I am not expecting our country recovering. The sad part is, what it looks like is that the people will be the last nail in the coffin. I would almost be interesting in watching our country split in half, but that will be my next post.

Please get ready, be prepared, and stay safe.

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