Current level of politics and censorship

Something I have really been paying attention to is something really small. Yahoo has removed commenting. This is very peculiar as being able to voice your opinions is part of our freedom of speech. I am losing valuable laughs from reading responses. I feel like there is also a loss of intelligent comments that could actually spread knowledge as well. I also feel that there is something to say about the elections coming up being a big part of it.

I love the commercials showing what will happen when there is police defunding and policy changes where all police are being stereotyped for the actions of a few. Is that not the exact things current psuedo-domestic terrorist groups are fighting to begin with? I do believe that, if left unchecked, November will be bad either way. This next section is my opinion. An opinion shared by many, but my opinion for the sense of this article.

November, 2020 has the chance of being our last election. I wholeheartedly believe that if Biden wins the election, our country will never recover. Before 2024, we will fall, left in the sidelines of our own misery, never to return to grace. That being said, I am not saying President Trump is the greatest president. I like Trump, but I voted for him because he was not a career politician. I believe if Trump wins 2020, there will be more of an upfront cost. For some reasons, Democrats don’t like losing, and then go and riot and burn there own cities because they are upset. Republicans tend to say we will try again next time.

All that being said, President Trump has been headhunted since the day he won the 2016 election. The man never stood a chance. When Trump wanted to close borders to China when Covid-19 was first becoming a thing, Democrats stood in the way, accusing Trump of being racist and Xenophobic. 2 months later, the same Democrats who stood in Trumps way are now blaming Trump for not acting fast enough and closing borders. How can Democrats in this position look at themselves in the mirror?

I believe that the Democrats are mad because they have failed at every investigation, and feel that they were robbed of their final step in truly changing the U.S. in their image. That being said, not everything the Democrats want is necessarily malicious, there is plenty of good to come out of this mass mix-up of ideologies. The biggest issues honestly lie on both sides. Neither are willing to budge and work with the other side. I would expect that thought process from conservatives, but the progressives really shock me on how far they have reached.

Another issue is all the whining I see online about this unemployment bonus ending, and how mad people are about it disappearing. I have a great job with benefits, and have been working there for 5 years. The problem is those benefits come at a cost. That cost is over 40% of what I make. My take home pay is the same as people who are on unemployment, well, just their unemployment bonuses they were making. $600/week is very steep. Especially since maxing out the unemployment scale, you still don’t make that much. My last job, I made ~$120,000/year. When they shut down my unemployment was $1100/2 weeks. I was unemployed for a total of 3 weeks before I moved into my new job, my career. I lost a lot of money/year, but we never lived outside our means, and are able to prep, even with the loss of income.

Those of us that are still working aren’t receiving any special kind of pay dealing with the hazard of working where we work. State governors are talking about hazard pay for those making less than $20/hour. Great, we are excluded as well. On top of that, my side gig and my wife’s job as substitute teachers have been gone in the wind. Yet we still strive and move forward. Why? We are not reliant on government handouts, we are as self-sufficient as we can be. We do all this on less money than people on unemployment are making. Personal responsibility. I don’t want to rely on the government for basic need being met. I want my kids to get the things they deserve. They work hard, I will work hard. They need something, I work to get it for them.

The fact of the matter is that the can can only be kicked down the road for so long. Those of us working will be paying for these policies for the rest of our lives. Our children, who will have some kind of work ethic, will also be working to repay these policies. I would love for a bill to come out where I get all this “free” money. I would pay off my 1 credit card and student loans. This is because when the tax man comes a knockin’, I will still be able to maintain our care free existence. More than likely, we will have to cut back because we don’t make the most money, and we will be paying for the people that have been making more off the government handouts.

At the end of the day, I fear tomorrow. I am prepared for it as much as I can at this point in time, but the world that my children have to grow up in is a far cry from when I was a kid. I miss the simplicity of the ’80’s and ’90’s. There world is so convoluted from emotion, and separate from reality. I ask that you plan ahead, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and stand by. Remember, all threats, both foreign and domestic. A choice may have to be made down the road. Plan for your choice now, because their may not be time 3 minutes before midnight.

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