Short rundown on current preps.

Gardening is very important, of you can do it. What is better? When you can save your own seeds. This year we were able to save green beans and peas. They were dried on the plants and now we have seeds for next year.

We also finally finished our last run of laundry soap. That lasted about a year and a half. We had more ingredients for another run. Just made it. Now, that being said, we did add a little after making some for Christmas for family baskets. I am sure I have posted this before, but I will repost here.

1 Box Borax

3 Bars Fels Napia (laundry bars ground to a powder)

2 boxes knock off Oxiclean

1 Box washing soda

2 cups Baking Soda

2 bottles Fabric Softener Crystals

Blend together and presto, laundry detergent. When making the bars into powder, it is pretty easy, cut the bars into chunks and throw them in the blender. This stuff works great, and costs about $28 for over a year supply for a family of 4.

That is the major things I wanted to bring up for now. Just some thought I had right now after finishing a few things.

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