Vehicle maintenance

There are very few things used as often as our vehicle. Whether it be a bicycle, motorcycle, automobile or other transportation. If the SHTF, your reliance on this vehicle will be far greater. I have mentioned a Jeep Cherokee I am working on. Jeeps are amazing vehicles for getting out if need be. However, our current situation and potential outcome doesn’t necessitate a low gas mileage vehicle. Instead, a more fuel economic vehicle is probably more useful.

We have 2 vehicles that are solid runners, but have some rust issues. This is the life in the north-east, the rust belt. Now, we have let this go a little while we were getting other preps ready, but now is the time to fix the issues before winter. The only things rusty on the 2 cars are the rockers. I am pretty sure my wife has virtually no rocker left on the 1 side. What bothers me is that when I bought these cars, I looked underneath pretty good, and they were nice. The problem is the plastic rocker panel covers hide an awful lot.

4 rocker panels, 2 for my car and 2 for hers, cost a total of $165.93. This being said, we will still have to get them installed. I can do it with rivets and just rock like that, but I would rather have my mechanic do it. That is another thing to look for. I have a mechanic who is literally down the road, and he is an older man, and one who will make sure your vehicle is safe. Safe for you, and safe for any children who may ride in your vehicle. This means 0 flexibility. This makes me very happy, because I know I am good when I leave his shop.

Bear in mind that improper fixes are a band-aid that will usually be far worse later on. There is a time and place for a band-aid, and there are times when a band-aid is not worth the cost. Rocker panels may not be structurally important, but when they are gone, then unibody parts or frame parts start following the same process. That is no good. Please ensure you can travel if you need to.

Stay safe, and stay prepared.

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