A movie from 2016 seems prophetic for 2020 on easy mode.

There is a movie on Amazon Prime I have watched probably a dozen times over the last few years, that I am currently watching. The movie is caller Prepper. This movie was no major blockbuster, but actually one my wife and I watched when she was still not exactly into prepping. It is very interesting because, in 2016, this movie was talking about Ebola, and Ebola coming to the U.S. Then one day it did, and luckily, the teacher/main character had the foresight to become a prepper when the news of Ebola was just in West Africa, but hit that note with in him that it could be bad.

This was very similar to my personal feelings with Covid-19 back in December. Luckily, at this point, I had already been a prepper for a few years. I will say that when my spidey senses kicked in, I ramped up the preps, and my wife truly became involved in prepping as well. Anyway, this movie has a pandemic, which comes to the U.S., and when in the U.S., people panic, schools begin shutting down and stores are wiped out. Theft, power outages, etc.

What this movie did not portray was the addition of an election, civil unrest caused from something outside of the pandemic, and a borderline Civil War flashpoint almost impossible to ignore. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in prepping to watch this movie, especially with family who is not willing to prep. This may sound selfish, but I prep for my immediate family, my wife and kids. My sister has decided to get into prepping and runs a little homestead. This would help them get along if SHTF. At the end of the day, our preps are calculated for our own. Days of food and water, medical needs, shelter, everything.

Please watch the movie, and pass it along to friends and family who mean enough to you to help them become prepared. Not everyone needs to have gas masks, $10K rifles and 100,000 rounds of ammo. Just the basics. No matter where you live, there are natural disasters. If current times have not opened your friends and families eyes, perhaps this movie could help nudge them in the right direction by showing how to start building preps up. The teacher start with just a little food and water. It really is a great movie, under-rated in my opinion. Like I have said, I have probably watched it a dozen times. Stay prepared, and if you can get others like minded, go for it. Don’t let all your preps become other peoples dependencies. I won’t.

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