Back in the beginning…

I mentioned a little thing called being a fat prepper. The easiest and hardest thing for people to do is lose the excess weight. I started well, then life and work got in the way, and I used it as an excuse. I am still down from my starting weight, but I have not truly improved. I believe that was my first article/story here.

Life gets in the way, until now. I say this because of a surgery my wife is having. It is, indeed, a major life changer for us. Luckily, is is a preventative surgery, but after the surgery, we were told that exercise is the most important part of after care to keep recovery going well. I do not want to get into too much detail, but this is a motivational event for us. On top of that, I am quitting nicotine as well. Going through the changes my wife is going through.

So, we are truly adjusting our diets. We do not eat a lot of garbage, and even portion control is not an issue. Our biggest issue is still our sedentary lifestyle. We were talking about how the area we currently live in is not conducive for long walks in our locale and such. We don’t just sit around, but we also aren’t the most active in the world. Kids, Covid-19, work place policies, and everything being closed or hardly open are all kind of excuses that has been in out minds.

My workplace is also going through a lot of changes. The changes make work more dangerous, and therefore, being in better shape would not be a bad idea. The kids are starting school as well, and, while schooling from home, that gives us a break from consistently monitoring every second, and gives us time to add our exercise routine daily.

Time to try project Valhalla again. Keep in mind, as things are going bad in society, being in shape probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Between walking a long time with a pack, or having to fight to get out of your location, being in shape will always benefit you. Join me with Project Valhalla, and get your butt in gear. It is now time. Today is never too late, and better than tomorrow.

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