Another article read to stoke racism

The ending of the article reads “Well, you inherit wealth — you can inherit the debt that you owe to African-Americans.”

The media is lovong creating more racial tensions in todays America. California has put together a panel to, by July 2023, see how to give reperations to African-Americans. Firstly, why are these articles always specifying a group, either Blacks or African-Americans? I was under the assumption that we are all Americans, all men are created equal and such.

The narrative of the story is about systemic racism, how America, in the past, had African-Americans as slaves. The problem today, I feel, ia that there is a generation of racists being developed right now. Think about the racial issues that will arise when, based on the color of ones skin, you get student loan forgiveness, housing assistance, cash payments etc. These are the premise California is trying to figure out. Instead of ficing the issues you believe are out there, you want to pay it off and create more of the primary issue.

Granted, everyone loves free stuff, well, free to them stuff, but it always comes at a cost. Right now, I do not believe the cost is being considered. Now, i am not getting into the politics and background of racism. I will say, however, that when I was in the military, it did not matter what color your skin was, what religion your faith was or any other divisive quality people like to quantify your worth at. I had your back and you had mine.

I do think there are issues, but it is also on both sides of the road. Just like with our current 2 party system, the divide is getting worse because of bad actors. Don’t let your story be written by another author. Make your own decisions, be safe and stay prepared. Current events may hold the key to the future, but is ot a future brighter for everyone, or one convoluted with selfishness and envy? Make your own story and do right by yourself and other.

I apologize for any missed typo, as I am typing this on my phone after reading yet another article trying to cause more divide and hate.

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