Watch the Right Hand…

Illusionist use sleight of hand to produce the desired affects. They dazzle you with one hand while the other is tricking you right in plain sight. This has been done for thousands of years, and today is no exception. The issue is that today it lays in media and “news outlets” across the US. Open literally any search site. All the stories indicate the our President is, as Kathy Bates would put it, “the President is the devil.”

Never in my lifetime has it been so commonplace to talk about the Commander and Chief in such a light. If you notice, there is so much attention being put on the POTUS that it is there to distract the people. There has not been much brought to the table from the other side. This is a continuation of the fact that, for the longest time, you could not skip Biden ads, but could the Presidents ads on youtube.

Also, the comment section has been off on yahoo for quite some time. There these sites are able to push there own narrative without anyone really being able to push back with a little truth. One of my favorite moments from the debates thus far has been when VP Pence stated that you are entitled to your own opinions, however, you are not entitles to your own facts. There has been a lot of pushing on half truths and whole lies.

In the news just today was that a mail man is being charged, and an investigation going into how 9 trash bags full of ballots were discarded. There was also ballots found in the trash, and on the side of the road. There is some truth to the mail in ballot fraud, however, this could be a self fulfilling prophecy. The current polls are interesting as well. The say that over 10 million votes nation wide have been submitted, and mostly by democrats. How can one know mostly democrats are submitting there votes, and make a judgement that they are mostly voting for Biden? It is, at least in most states, illegal to open votes or look at votes before election day.

I just want to put the word out there that you need to watch both hands, and not assume that the bullshit you are being fed is grade A beef. Stay prepared, stay vigilant and plan for what comes next.

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