Halloween: Family edition

I watched a movie about Halloween, Hubie Halloween, on Netflix. I cannot watch the best rated movies without the wife, and she is not a fan of Adam Sandler, so I watched it. This movie actually reminded me of something that I have not really thought about is recent history. Trick-or-Treating.

When I was a kid, you would see roads full of kids wandering house to house trick or treating. It was ok, and even safe to do so. In the years since, this has become a dangerous thing, where going to peoples houses and getting candy could be lethal. Kids are going to the store and getting candy that is laced with drugs, people are still peddling the story about razors in the candy and just the type of people now.

Who could have thought that, back in the 80’s and 90’s that in mere decades, so many of the memorable things that were normal would become something so estranged from the mainstream lifestyle? I feel like some of these activities that are no more are part of what preppers see, and what may, inconsequentially, help lead people to prepping.

There are so many activities that used to be common place that are no longer as good as it once was. Going to the park, where there are drug needles on the ground. Not as fun playing dodge the HIV. Model rockets are unobtainable locally. These are awesome science tools and just fun. As the world goes digital, real life falls behind. On top of that, when safety is no longer ensured, then lifestyle changes.

I saw this movie, just like in Stranger Things, with all the kids wandering the streets, and realized how much I miss this. These are childhood memories that our children will never have. I think this is something that should show the difference in our generations, and part of why we plan for the future. If something as simple as trick-or-treating for the kids has changed so much, what about things far more serious for our lifestyle?

Stay safe, stay prepared.

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