Election 2020

It is currently the morning of election day, 2020. a couple hours before the polls open. I have no idea what is going to happen. I have my expectations. They have changed in recent weeks. Originally, I thought President Trump had it in the bag, but now, I am unsure. I believe that President Trump will win the popular vote. I believe the electoral college is going to go against the popular vote. Reminiscent of 2016.

I feel like their is way to many political agendas out there to allow President Trump to win. Although a President Trump win would offset a lot of historical facts, (like no president being impeached and re-elected or re-elected during a pandemic,) I feel like the 2020 direction leads toward Biden.I still believe that the unemployment bonuses were a test-run for Universal Basic Income. I also find it odd that, during a global pandemic, my Democratic governor is more concerned about legalizing marijuana. When it comes to marijuana, to me, it appears that by letting people smoke it up, they will be less likely to fight back against more unlawful orders down the road.

I also find it very troubling how the media has been skewing things for a while, but so much more the last 4 years, and especially in 2020. Everything is talking about far-right militant groups, saying they are all terrorists, and putting BLM, NFAC and Antifa on a pedestal. This seems concerning because these groups are the ones burning down cities harassing people, and killing people. More people have died in these riots than what they are standing for.

I will be casting my vote first thing in the morning, and I will hope that will go well. I have a snaking suspicion that more people will vote this year than any other year. I say this because I feel like if you don’t vote, the ballots may be made up to fill the national narrative. These are my thoughts before polling opens. I also think that round 2 of stimulus will come out to quell to crowds depending on who wins. I also believe the narrative being written for Biden is, in part, because a President Trump win would make all major cities burn because liberals cannot hack not getting their way. The amount of whining caused by a loss would also cause more financial troubles. The problem is they are their own worst enemies right now. By electing President Trump, these people are going to be fueled to cause more destruction. By electing Biden, you are validating these domestic terror groups, and they will continue doing what they do, and you will cave to them.

Let us hope for the best, no matter the outcome, and pray our country survives the following storm. Stay prepared.

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