Preps that I am working on, a little too late

We are, here at our micro-homestead, working on our preps, as always. I believe I already wrote about armor. I will reiterate, just in case. My wife and I have the camouflage Condor MOPC plate carriers and are anxiously awaiting the tactical scorpion gear plates with spall coating and trauma pads. Our front plates are the level III+, and the sides and rear are level III. 2 sets of armor plates ran me $400.55 using a coupon code (thegunpenguin.) The plate carriers were purchased from The order went well, and they ran $99.99 each.

I am working on a couple 80%. I won’t delve to much into this, but it looks like it could be an interested project, especially depending on who wins later today. The other is night vision, taking a not from Magic Prepper. I suggest you check out his youtube channel. Anyhow, he had a video on night vision below $100, the STC-NVMSD-K. It can record on an SD card, and has zoom. 3X, 6X and 9X. Only records on 3X. This could be very useful. I am ordering one today. I figure it cannot hurt.

I am far enough removed from major cities to not really have to worry about immediate threats based on voting. We are, however, close enough depending on what happens, to get hit later. Like always, plan for the worst and hope for the best. Today should be fun, after all.

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