When Covid-19 gets personal

Around a week ago, I started having symptoms. Didn’t think much of it, considering my family all got their flu shots then. I started getting concerned when I started having a hard time sleeping, when I was freezing at night, and when I was sweating so bad my pillows were dripping. For starters, that is disgusting and second, that’s a lot of sweat. I have also developed other symptoms, pretty much every one on the check box. Most recently, I have noticed the lack of smell and taste. Smell really stands out. I noticed it, but wanted to really see, so I tried smelling my dehydrated jalapeno powder. Not a single bit of reaction.

Where I work is a high risk transmission site. We also just had 70 positive cases, most of which are right where I work. I am getting tested tomorrow, but I can say that I feel pretty confident that I am positive. The lack of smell stands out to me since I have never had that before. There is that, then the environment. Even with wearing proper PPE and social distancing, at my work place, there air re-circulation and everything makes it not effective to prevent the sickness.

As a prepper, I really wanted to never get this. I say that because if SHTF, you would want to be able to avoid things like the common flu which would kill then. We have all the 21st century benefits, and still couldn’t steer clear of this. I would say that is a fail, but I believe that, in having to continue to work to maintain normalcy for my family, that is the downside of modern living. Had it been some SHTF, where we were only responsible for surviving, and not held to today’s standards, then I can say we probably would have steered clear.

What is worse, to me, is that work has put my family in danger. I know it is not a major situation for us, since we are all healthy and younger. The only concern is extended family, but we have isolated ourselves from them for their own safety. I will post results, as I am getting tested today. I would bet my paycheck, however, with everything surrounding the situation.

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