A disturbing narrative

Everywhere seems to be reporting about how America is apparently racist and anti-black because of the close polls. I don’t understand how democrats relate everything to race, but say republicans are racists. I mean a white guy tells the black population if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black, they pick a running mate based solely on color and sex, and have not stood for anything the entire campaign.

This narrative of republicans being racist and “unwoke,” which the term woke is so fucking stupid, is a joke. Republicans tend to, in 2020, be more of a constitutional advocate. There were times, when the party’s aligned better with each other, either party could run the country. The problem now is that America cannot stay America with a socialist party running it.

Race has literally nothing to do with voting for Trump. The president of the US of A could care less about your skin color. Do you think President Trump, as a business man prior to his presidency, would only do business with white people, and be racist to all others? No. Trump loves America because he knows the American Dream can still exist. The so-called race issues come from illegal immigration, which the democrats want to protect, and raise our taxes to pay for them. We have no issue with immigration, but do it legally. If you came as a child illegally, correct it.

The problem with a Biden/Harris/whoever presidency is that we, the actual working class Americans, will make less money from the socialist tax reform, we will have a hard time paying our bills, and the Socialists party will make good on their promises. Free college, forgive student loans, sit at home and collect a paycheck. All this will be done as our country falls from a democracy, rights stripped by the democrats until we are just a shadow of our former selves.

Lastly, this whole thing has been by design. No other president in the last 50 years would have been able to be harassed the way President Trump has been. When I was in the military, we were not permitted to even say something negative about the Commander and Chief, and yet nowadays these liberals in office do not even do their jobs, but instead hunt for the President, never backing his play, and even worse, ensuring the whole world knows how divided the USA truly is. This is by design, and no matter what happens, I pray that America survives on the backside.

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