An interesting world we live in…

As of right now, the election is in full swing, burning the midnight oil on day 2. Biden 264 electoral college votes, and 50.29% of the popular vote, while President Trump has 214 electoral college votes and 48.08% of the popular vote. The election is going to be within 2 points, probably 270-268 (I think.) I just cannot wrap my head around how this is possible. Last election, I looked at Hillary and President Trump, and what their goals were, and could see either winning. This time, I could not see Biden winning. I mean, he has been lying all throughout the campaign, and the Democrats as a whole have not done anything but attack the President for the last 4 years.

I am terrified at what will happen. We all know that Biden will not stay in office. This plan has been in play the entire time, even before Kamala Harris was chosen as his running mate. It is just an opinion, but I do not understand how this election has been this close. When your whole expectation and platform you are running is “I am not Trump!” and “Look what they are doing,” It is sad. There is no definitive argument that makes Biden a decent candidate. That is my problem. Hillary had plans and expectations. Personally, I think going to renewable energy is great, but it should not be an immediate change, but when the current plants need upgraded, do it then, over the next few decades.

I just can’t see anything beneficial about Biden’s campaign, and that is what scares me. It seems more like a catering to activist because the government is scared of upsetting people (insert any of the following{domestic terrorist, BLM, NFAC, Shutdown DC, Liberals etc.}.) The only thing I can think of is the people who want handouts and doesn’t want to work for themselves to get what they want.

My concern is how democrats see, to be blind to fact that these democratic candidates are lying about. President Trumps tax plan allowed me to bring home more money, and I only make around $50,000/year. Biden getting rid of that, in effect, raises my taxes, and gives my family less money. This is bad. I saw the increase in my pay, and it looks like I will be losing it as well. I am also afraid that I will not be able to pay my bills down the road when I start having to pay more taxes for those who don’t work living better than I do. We saw a test run of that with unemployment bonuses. People sitting at home making more money that those who are working.

The democratic candidate kept saying throughout the debates that they were not doing anything against fracking, even though that was a big push on the campaign trail. I worked in the oil field and understand what they are talking about. I am also aware that energy needs to change in the future. Trying to stop it right now without replacements in place is poor decision making. The obvious lies concern me because this is right to the peoples faces, and half the population is biting the bait. What is and will happen behind the scenes over the next 4 years if Biden/Harris/whoever winds up in office.

At the same time, I am not terribly upset. This is a prime time experience for al democrats to get everything they ever hoped for, and republicans will clean up the mess in 4 years. I think this will fail so bad, it’ll take years before another Democrat will make it in office. They want to do all this communist stuff like forgive student loans, make college “free,” give people money to sit at home and smoke that highly taxed newly legalized marijuana. Have at it. Don’t expect us to sit idly by, going broke because our blood still runs red, and the sweat equity that made America break free still pours from our pores. At the end of the day, there was an Oath made, to protect this country from all threats, both foreign and domestic. I suggest you steer clear of making us true to our word.

Again, if you do the right thing, Biden/Harris/whoever, I have no beef. I don’t trust you. But don’t think we will sit idly by while you do something stupid. Just because liberals will burn cities when they don’t get there way, and patriots stand by while things are done the right way does not mean we do not have a boiling point. So long as you try the right things, you will be alright. Do not destroy my country, or heaven help me you will pay.

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