Questionable conspiracy with the election?

First off, I would like to say that, with mail in votes, more people are likely to vote. The interesting part here is examples of 6 states, and most states appear to have this trend, where there is a much larger portion of the population voting. I added all the numbers from the 2016 election, for all the party’s, and I added just the Trump/Biden votes in 2020. There are some interesting trends that occur.

This is how this will be set up:

State: 2016 #’s: 2020 #’s: +/- difference

Alabama: 2,078,165: 2,265,122: +186,957

Pennsylvania: 5,970,107: 6,623,149: +653,042

Michigan: 4,790,917: 5,435,173: +644,256

Georgia: 4,029,564: 4,907,588: +878,024

Arizona: 2,062,610: 3,104,991: +1,042,381

Wisconsin: 2,944,620: 3,240,600: +295,980

I will not dive into the suspicion that occurs here. These are very large numbers to increase, especially in Arizona, where an extra 33% of the population voted since last election. This is 78.6% of all the voters in Arizona. That is an impressive turnout, especially since they are only sitting on 90% of the votes counted. Once they reach 100%, they had 87.3% of the voting population vote this year. Just think about that.

I feel like it is very interesting that the sheer numbers showing up here. I am willing to bet that more than a few dead cats had a say in the future of our country. I see the news still slandering the President, and lawsuits being won on President Trumps part. There is literally no reason this race should be this close. I was watching news from foreign countries, and even they are disgusted with how Biden is apparently going to win. I just wanted to throw some numbers out there, so when it gets looked at, I am sure there will be some interesting things found.

The problem is that the democrats are playing a different game than the American people are. This is why, at the end of this election mess, they will still feel like they won, no matter the outcome. They will have people doubting President Trump, should he remain in office. It is just a game to them, even though it is our life and liberty on the line.

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