My full experience with Covid-19.

My entire experience with Covid-19 is more a pain in the ass with work than anything. I felt sick for a couple days, little things, like sweating throughout the night, a little tickle in the back of the throat, some sneezing. There wasn’t anything too terribly out of the ordinary until I realized I could not smell. I tested this by sniffing my dehydrated jalapeno powder, which usually would make me sneeze from the scent. Instead, I had no reaction. I couldn’t smell the sharpness of it’s tang.

This is what led me to get a covid-19 test. I informed my employer that I went to get tested, and you would think that I brought the plague in. The reaction was ridiculous for getting tested just to be sure. That being said, our Superintendent, who is a jack-ass, put out an email stating that you are to only get tested at work if you had symptoms due to a shortage in test kits, and that you were not being sent home for getting tested. I was just simply following orders from my chain of command.

Well, my test came back positive, and I began taking more distancing measures at home. I mean, we follow the rules of social distancing, wearing masks out in public and we don’t really go out. The benefits of being a prepper. I only could have caught the virus at work, and I am one of the more anal guys with wearing their mask. Here I am waiting for someone to fill out these papers so I can go back to work.

I went to the local CVS drive-thru to take the covid-19 test. It is odd doing it yourself, and I caused myself to sneeze while taking the test. The papers I have request that my physician review and complete these return to work forms. I called my physician, and they said that since I did not do my test there, they could not do my paperwork. So I called the CVS, and had to wait a 1/2 hour for minuteclinic to get on the line, then let me know that someone from a local minuteclinic will call me later.

I initially called my local VA because I do not go to the doctors for much other than my annual appointment. They were rather rude, and talking to me like I am half retarded. The reason I say this is because they informed me that they could not do the papers without having my test results or anything. I then asked if I brought my test results in, if that would be sufficient, and the pleasant lady on the phone went back to asking me if I understood that by not getting tested there, they could not help me. I informed her that she stated not having the test results, which I was willing to provide, if that would be sufficient, and hat treating people like they are stupid for responding correctly to what you stated kind of makes you an asshole.

I try not to be rude, but there are too many stupid people who think their shit doesn’t stink, and I deal with stupid everyday. I am at my limits with it, and have to call it. So anyhow, I am waiting for a phone call to be able to get my paperwork done so I can go back to work. My test was on November 4th, and my expected return to work in November 16th. I am lucky enough to work at a job that not only pays me while I am out, but also knows that I personally am not one to take advantage of the system. An awful lot of people tend to take advantage of anything that gives them time off and paid.

So, basically, Covid-19 made me a little sick, but I have been far more sick from other things throughout my life. The biggest complaint is the time away from work. I am glad it did not use my vacation, but it used most of the emergency sick we were given. We are given 10 days. Some people used it right away. I am glad I kept it in case I needed it. Stay safe and stay prepared.

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