Prepper Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, and as a prepper, we plan ahead. Whilst we want to plan ahead and we want our family to plan ahead, most of the time they don’t. I decided to make them this year by building them prepper buckets. These prepper buckets are not the all’s well ends well, but a start. The idea was brought to me because, as stated in an earlier post, my brother is unwilling to plan for what we have seen this year.

The prepper buckets have some staples and some other foods in it. This is a food bucket and only a food bucket. I purchased some Mylar bags(100 pack) and a 100 pack of 200cc O2 absorbers. I then went to the store and bought a few foods. Flour, sugar, rice, pinto beans, corn meal, elbow macaroni and egg noodles. I will put my estimates here on what was purchased. 25 lbs of flour and sugar, 9 lbs of elbow noodles, 20 lbs of rice and pinto beans, 15 lbs of corn meal and bags of egg noodles from a local grocery store. There is also packs of yeast in each bucket.

After figuring out how much food is in each bucket, and servings, we come to a total of ~34,620 calories per bucket. In a survival setting, where you are home and just can’t get any food, this would provide 1 person 23 days of food, at a slight deficit. Our families average a family of 4, which I adjust to about 5 days worth of food. It is not glamorous, it is not delicious, but it will keep you alive. These buckets are planned to be around if you need it, but also to be used with other materials you may have around the house.

I know that here we have our canned meats. People have not had to survive without power where all their food is wasting in the freezer. I would assume that people would have canned meats, even if it is store bought. Chicken and tuna would go a long way in making these buckets more palatable. This is a way to try to get your families on board with prepping, but also have them less reliable on you. You are also now knowledgeable of preps within their homes. You may also no longer be invited to family gatherings after this present either. I am also attempting cheese making for the first time, so if all goes well, that will be another part of the Christmas presents that might allow me to be invited again.

Keep on prepping, make sure you have what you need. There is no telling where the future might lead, especially depending on the outcome of some current event. Stay prepared and keep on keeping on.

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