Self-removal from Thanksgiving

So, as preppers, I understand we want to make our own decisions. We do not want to be told what we can and cannot do. That being said, I understand that at work places we have to follow certain rules. I have to wear a mask, and when there is a positive test within the facility, depending on where, we have to wear N95 masks. It is really hard to state these type of things without truly disclosing personal information.

So, while following my work recommendations, I had Covid-19. I caught it from someone at work. I was following all my workplace rules and protocols. Masks just are not 100% effective. It is what it is. I have an essential job, where I go to work, and I tend to make less than those who are on unemployment bonus’s.

Either way, I got tested on the 4th, and on the 7th came up positive. For me it was not a real big deal. I had flu-like symptoms for like a day, achy and sore, sweating at night. Nothing major. I lost my sense of smell, which is why I chose to get tested. Anyway, to the subject at hand, my family and I decided not to partake in the festivities surrounding Thanksgiving with family members. This has nothing to do with mandates or regulations, this has to do with us.

Current standards from the CDC say I can be contagious for 10 days after getting symptoms, and my family can be sick and not showing symptoms for up to 2 weeks while contagious, if they ever were to show symptoms. With that being said, and another 10 days after showing symptoms, we should be officially good December 7th, over a week after Thanksgiving.

On my side of the family, I have members with breathing issues from years past of smoking. On my wife’s side, her grandma is just older. She gets around great, still mows her own yard. A real reminder of vintage America before people starting complaining in their 30’s of being in too much pain to work. Anyhow, we decided not to put high risk people that we love at risk. While we bounce right back, some may not, and I really don’t want that on my conscience.

Meanwhile, we have this germaphobe at work who felt like he was dying when he had it. We chalked that up to the general weakness of his immune system from limited exposure. I want every one to make their own decision on what they do in the holiday season. Take care of yourself and your family, and stay prepared.

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