As everyone has had to deal with, our covid-19 work issues is annoying and pleasant. I say this because we are working overtime but also getting mandated. I love the money, but not my job enough to like working 36 hours of OT on 3 days, 1 of which is on days off. But alas, we are just adding to the next paycheck.

In my area, the only people who are out of work are those who choose to be because the government takes money from us and gives it to them. That really does seem unfair. However, any businesses closed because of Covid-19 restrictions is pretty much back to normal operation. We are expecting things to change in the near future, as all schools in our county have gone virtual until the new year.

Work is available and ready for those who want it. Right now, with people having to quarantine if leaving the state or in contact with someone who is positive, there is a lot of overtime. Sometimes the majority of our shift is OT. This really helps with not only Christmas for my kids, but for my preps as well. I just want to say that work is available, you may just have to look in different places to find it.

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