More realistic gas mask use?

So, I have purchased gas masks for my family, both adults and children. I have a few gas mask canisters for each. I like having them, but that puts your gas mask at a very low utility. Kind of like if you are prepping for a zombie apocalypse instead of a blizzard that keeps you in the house for a few weeks. Let us make the gas mask more useful for more realistic needs instead of nuclear wastelands.

First, I want to add a link to the seller I purchased this item from. The one item that makes my gas mask far more useful. I will then add a few pictures, and then discuss a little further.

This adapter is 3d printed, and I ordered 4 of them. Would this be a great idea in a nuclear holocaust? Not at all. Radiation would probably melt the plastics. For having more realistic expectations, this 3d printed part should hold up well. If there is heavy dust or ash in the air, heck, say you are grinding rusty metal or taking down stuff that may contain asbestos. This turns your gas mask into a respirator mask. I like having one thing useful for multiple tasks.

These are the 3d printed parts. Top left is the 40mm adapter, top right is the 3M bayonet style sleeve, the bottom left is the tool to tighten and loosen, and bottom right is a spare gasket.

My first impression was that these threads look a little off, like they should not work. I can say that these threads do a great job locking this in place. It does not slip, and tightens and loosens very nicely.

This is my gas mask. The white plastic piece, I believe, is there to protect the threads.

So, this is with the adapter in place. The 3M filter adapter is a little tight when you mount the filter, but works great.

This is how the tool slips on to tighten and loosen the adapter. It is a very sturdy tool, wheel design, and fits perfectly. I am impressed with this, as it runs about half the price of the 3M 701 which does the same thing. This was also very quickly shipped and is a great tool. The 3M filters are also more affordable than canisters, and are more likely to be used. I just wanted to throw this out there for any preppers who may be interested in something like this. This is NATO 40mm to 3M Bayonet.

Stay safe and stay prepared.

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