Christmas around a liberal…

Here I sit at a family gathering on my wife’s side, for which there are a couple of very liberal people. I am having a converaation with my father in law about the restrictions in our state, and how if they worked the first time, why are we doing them again and if they didn’t work, why are we doing them again?

This is the part that these liberals do not understand. Stay in your lane. The conversation has nothing to do with you, stay out of it. You want to push your will onto the conservative crowd, but then you whine about being offended when we don’t cave to your will.

This will probably be the last christmas spent around these individuals as they are so far removed from reality that it is impossible to plan around it. Their ideals are so off canter and their voice is all that matters. I wish they could understand how pathetic they sound. Merry friggin’ Christmas.

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