Purchasing ammo before, and getting a heck of a trade now.

A few years ago, I purchased some ammo. I bought a lot of 9mm when walmart decided they wanted to make less money. I purchased 9mm at a rate of 8.5 cents per round. I am currently building my wife and I 7.62X39 AR’s. I need 7.62X39 ammo. If it is available, it is extremely expensive. The benefit to prepping prior is that I now hold a lot of 9mm. I am now trading, round for round, 1 9mm for 1 7.62. The cheapest price I could find anywhere was 26 cents per round. I am, in essence, paying 8.5 cents per round. $17 for 200 rounds.

I am aware that ammo is artificially high due to current threats from Biden. It will fall again, but for now, ammo is a currency, and when you buy low and sell high, you are making profit. I do not want to sell the ammo because money is arbitrary at the moment. Bartering is far more effective to me.

This model also details the world should the S actually hit the fan. Having some stuff that you need can be bartered for a higher price depending on what you have and what they want. Canadian Prepper did a little video that was hilarious about him hoarding toilet paper and when shtf, he was running things because he had the TP. I am a fan of bartering, and seeing that both parties are making out in this deal is even better.

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