January 6th protest in DC

Firstly, I have my opinion and you have yours. Politics is a sticky place to attempt conversation. There are problems when it comes to politics and the media, though. The sad part is that it seems so obvious, but millions of Americans everyday just tune in to what is being said without utilizing their brain in any meaningful way.

I just read an article, right on the face of the yahoo search page. Many people get their news from these kind of sources. Here is a link to the story:


The problem with things like this story is the simple fact that it makes no sense. They are claiming that this group called the “Proud Boys,” which no one ever heard of until about a year ago when they were thrown into the limelight media for our so-called racist president, are protesting on January 6th in D.C. This alone doesn’t warrant any surprise, as a lot of groups on either end are going to D.C. The part that seems stupid at its core is that this group is supposedly putting out that they are going to wear all black to blend in with Antifa, which seems protected by part of the government for some reason.

If you were truly planning on going incognito, would you blast it all over for everyone to know? No, no you wouldn’t. The media is planning this so that when an issue arises on January 6th, they can blame pro-Trump groups and act like the true terror organizations like Antifa are victims. I don’t really care what a persons political views are, as long as you get your voice out there on election day. The problem all Americans should be having at this time are how blinded they are to common sense as they are force-fed stupid from our media who intentionally flops news and opinion as one and the same.

I do not perceive myself to be more intelligent than the average person, but I wish people would think about what information they are digesting. I would never expect the news to be completely unbiased in the 2020’s because they have been forced into this position by ratings and benefits. I expect the American people to hold the media accountable by not passing along information like this as fact. I have some opinions on what may be coming as well. I will get into that later. I only ask that before you believe what is being told, you think first. I believe January 6th, 2021 is going to be the scene of some event, maybe like Nashville or Aspen, and the blame will be shifted to a group that realistically doesn’t have the numbers to formulate such an attack. I believe this will also be done to stimulate some policies in the interim until Biden takes office and starts his so-called 100 day plans.

I will get more into my personal expectations later on today, but just please be wary on what you perceive as truth. Stay prepared and stay safe.

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