Predictions going into 2021

Everyone said 2020 kind of sucked. What if it was just the trailer to the next few years? I have a few predictions for what is coming over a relatively short period of time. An article came out today talking about how the Proud Boys are apparently going undercover in Antifa on January 6th in Washington, D.C. It has also been stated the other way around, that Antifa is going in as Proud Boys members. This leads me to the conclusion that trouble will be stirring January 6th in Washington, D.C. I would suggest not being their for it.

This is priming the public for the blame game later on. If you were infiltrating a group, you would not put it out there for everyone to know. This is common sense The problem with America in the 2020’s is that common sense does not prevail. The people have been brainwashed into just believing what is on the T.V. The majority of the population forgets that just a few months ago, when the media put these Proud Boys on a pedestal (because literally no one ever heard of them prior,) they were supposedly a white supremacy group. Then it came out that their leader is Hispanic, and they changed the story.

What concerns me is that recent events in Nashville and Aspen could have been experiments. Testing to see how people react, how law enforcement react, and how the media reacts. The Christmas Car Bomb attracted a lot of attention for a car bomb, but didn’t garner as much attention for the loss of internet and cell service for that area. Aspen didn’t receive a lot of attention, but affected a hell of a lot more people directly. Gas lines were shut off to a portion of the city, and people who have gas for heat had no heat. Infrastructure attacks, just like the raptors on Jurassic Park, testing for weak spots. The problem is that is all they found.

Where I work, the population asked about restriction that were supposed to be lifted on January 4th. This was about a week ago when they asked. I told them I expect extensions until Biden takes office, where we will see what his plans are. He has stated that he wants to completely lock the country down for thirty days, and has a big 100 day plan. As with anything else, he never gave specifics on any of the plans, just said they were different than what Trump was doing. That is all half the Americans needed/wanted to here. Communist America, here we come.

Anyway, today, January 4th, as restrictions were supposed to be lifted, they were extended another 2 weeks, until January 19th. I am surprised Governor Wolf allowed state restrictions to expire. I honestly thought he would extend those as well, citing Thanksgiving spikes and expected Christmas and New Year’s spikes. At the same time, he may just be waiting on stand by for the next President to make his move.

Another prediction is that by April 1st, maybe May 1st at the latest, Biden will be out of office and Harris will take over. I do not see it being long. I do fear for our country, and for the games these political figures are playing. More money leaving the country than staying in it? We pay taxes. Their power comes from We the People. I will continue to live on the tale that a government that fears it’s people is a democracy, and when people fear their government, you have tyranny. We have let the government play too long. Our taxes are ~36% of our pay. The Boston Tea party was an outrage at an approximate 2% tax. We pay in for so long, and the political figures argue for 9 months for a round of stimulus where they give us shit, but spend most of our money on foreign aid? Have we received any foreign aid? Why are these fat cat politicians still making money hand over fist and why the hell is Pelosi still in office? She and Biden are space cadets together, without a solid thought between the 2 of them.

Anyhow, back to the predictions. I believe January 6th will be a much more important day foretelling our nations future. The presidency will not matter immediately. I am expecting some kind of violence, in which the media will be eating up, along with viewers from home. I believe that Trump supporters will be blamed, as the narrative is being told already in foreshadowing. I believe that while the media is eating the violence up, a much more devastating blow will come, and possibly to the power grid. Take out the eastern seaboard power grid, and the presidency doesn’t matter. The nation doesn’t know what happened.

This will be a breeding ground for hate. No one will truly know who the president is. Left and right will be fighting each other, and the communist takeover from the radical left will be happening and no one will notice. Look at the Georgia runoff. If the Democrats win that, they have majority in the senate, the house and they have the presidency. Who is going to stand up for our country and our rights then? I think it is very obvious by now that the Democrats will win the Georgia runoffs. Absentee ballots are due tomorrow, even though most votes are supposedly counted now. Where have we seen this before? November 2020. I went to bed in a Red state and woke up in a Blue state. I was sure we were good with an 800,000 vote lead. Then came in all the mail in ballots and absentee ballots. I expect, with what needs to happen for this takeover to occur, both seats to be Democrat. I would be shocked to see it otherwise.

The fact is that our nation is a train wreck, and everyone from the people to the highest members of the government are completely blind to how ridiculous we look to the rest of the world. Realistically, what happens in these next few days are going to tell a lot about how this story ends. I will have more after January 6th, after we see what really happens. I just know things will not be good. The only thing we can really do now is stay prepared, and keep moving forward.

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